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中風的急救經驗 Emergency Treatment Experience of Stroke


    This article is an introduction of my on successful experience of first aid for stroke, in accordance with the press method on head’s original points innovated by Dr. Zhaohan Chang, who is the founder of the Foundation of Medical Original Point.


    However, as the structures of the human bodies, and individual physical and mental conditions are varied from person to person, and medicine can not be arbitrary experimented in reality, therefore, even though my experience is well satisfied, it’s still necessary to go through all courses, and get certificated on both subjects and intern practice afforded freely by Foundation of Medical Original Point.

    Fuzzy understanding could lead to hazards to the oes who need your first aid on this, please be fully noticed. Thanks a lot in advance!


  It’s a winter morning 4 years ago, there was a motorcycle rider stop in front of a cross waiting for the traffic light. The exact location is shown on the map attached below.

    She was fallen down all in a sudden, it’s found that she was almost fully stiff with amazingly tweaked arms and legs, and all her facial features when I cam to her. It’s supposed to be a stoke definitely.



  I’d just gotten certified of the examination of subjects of Medical Origin Points several days ago, whilst I had not participated the intern practice of it yet. As an emergent accident, I didn’t have the chance to think too much to avoid time wasting.

    What I could do at that moment was trying my best recalling the most of the demonstration video which is an illustration of Emergency Treatment of Stroke. And right after that, calmed myself as much as speedy as possible prior to the first aid on her.


    This method actually is very simple as a piece of cake. It’s the primary reason that I was dare to run the first aid for her without any hesitation. And this method was run in an extrusion, rather than intruding mode. Therefore, legally speaking, it’s relatively safer for me doing the first aid for a stranger.

    The method is as simple as providing a little higher pressure than a gentle touch by a finger on the concavity next to the bone in the rear side of ear. And then, move the finger back and forth for about 1 cm along with the bone edge with the same pressure. It’s impossible to hurt the one who needs first aid in this way, unless there’s a wound in this area.


This is the reason why I’ll do the same thing for the one who get a stroke without any hesitation, no matter she/he is an acquaintance or a stranger.


    Because getting a stroke is absolutely an accident, it’s usually happened in a sudden, and most of the cases, the patient will be either unconscious or stiff, therefore an efficient first aid by others would be definitely needed. It’s strongly believed there will be less tragedy in the world if more individuals are skilled about this easy method.


  Besides, because of obstruction of the blood circulation due to stroke, more and more cells, organs will be destroyed, and even unrecoverable, and fatal in the worst case. Therefore, the emergent treatment of stroke itself is a racing with time. Once the first aid is in time and correct, it will be help a lot for the patient on recovery.


    Another advantage of this easy first aid method is the tool you need to use, almost would not be forgotten being carried with you, because what you need is one of your finger. Therefore, once you’ve learned, you can be on duty to afford this service for anyone who needs it anytime.

The only tool needed is your finger
The only tool needed is your finger


    Another feature of this method is the might you need for the first aid is very small, even a kid can do it if he/she has been well trained. Therefore, as long as you can control your finger as usual, you’re able to do the emergent rescue of the stroke, which means, once you’ve learned it, you can do it any time through your lifetime.



    The principle of this specially easy emergent treatment of stroke is based on the long lasting trust in Chinese medicine that human being is capable of self-cure. It’s also believed that if something makes the blood circulation clogged, the capability would be disabled temporarily.

    Once you’ve figured out the exact origin point which can turn it on again by appropriate press, in assistance of clog removal, the blood circulation will be normal again gradually, and the patient will be cured fully accordingly.



  It sound mysterious and amazing, however you don’t really fully understand , right?

    It’s fine!


     I did understand neither in the beginning of the learning on it, nonetheless, I’ve doubted it too much to finish the learning, until I met this stroke accident mentioned in this article, and it did work very well to convince my suspicion, and start realizing this wonderful medicine.


    And it’s another thing which convinces me is the totally free fee on the training, including 4 months tutorial and intern practice. Therefore, I’d truly believe this organization is a charity, not a fraud group.


    Of course, you can start learning this emergent treatment of stroke by watching the tutorial video for an assessment. Whoever, once you’d decide to start the leaning, it’s strongly suggested that you finish all the on-site training provide by this foundation, because an immature understanding could lead to fatal hazard in the worst case.


Getting interested? Please click the Link Here, to book a training course close to you. If it’s not available in your country, you may try to contact with the foundation through this e-mail asking for the training course if possible.


    I’d also like to remind you again that the might of the press needed is very gentle, never let the patient feels very uncomfortable, or even very painful; on the contrary, please always keep in mind to give a hint to the patient, that a notice to you immediately if he/she is uncomfortable.

    And please be well reminded again, communicates with the patient frequently about his/her feeling.


Please always remember, what you need to do is to let the patient feel numb, or a little painful which she/he can endure easily. Thus, it represents that her/his self-cure system has been activated successfully, the clog has started being removed somehow, so as the blood circulation starts the function of metabolism, and fresh nutrient has been feed to the organs which need to be repaired.


    Let’s get back to the patient’s situation at that moment 4 years ago~when she got the stroke seriously, her mouth and eyes were bleeding because of torn skin due to over tweaked month and eyes. The eyes were white, all her arms and legs were tweaked strangely and stiffly. It;s the scene that scare me most ever in my life, as I recall now.


    However, it scare me because I have time to think about it. At that moment, everything needed to be fully concentrated, actually, I didn’t have any tiny period of time to notice about this in reality.



    It took only 2-3 minutes for the ambulance to be on site, which means, I just spent such a short time to give her first aid.


    When the ambulance was appeared, I was thinking how to speed up my progress. I turned her head a little bit so that I could press the other side of her head’s original point. An amazing miracle was happened:


    It’s found the her arms and legs became normal rather than stiff. And her facial features were normal, too. She spoke to me that she was painful (most likely due to the falling down).

    Obviously, she had been recovered nearly entirely.

    Wow! Less than 3 minutes!

    What shocked me was not her stroke, instead, it’s the amazing power of the emergent treatment of stroke innovated by the Original Points Medical Foundation!


  Right after she was moved into the ambulance, I I waved my hand to her saying farewell, and she was doing so to me.

    I had been fully calm down, and already made firm decision to learn the Original Points Medicine as well as I can, so that I have another ability to help others in the future.

  至於,原始點醫學的中風急救手法,究竟為何?請觀看以下影片【頭部原始點 手法更新-2017.06美國舊金山】。

    Well, it’s also time to reveal the details of the amazing emergent treatment of stroke to you for sure. Please watch the video by clicking the attached link here.


    Hopefully, this article would help you somehow. Thanks for your reading!


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